Take part in the Journées Québec Sénégal
Do you want to recruit talent in Senegal in different fields? ✔️ 
OR you live in Senegal and you want to come and work in Montréal (Québec, Canada)? ✔️ 

Do not miss the Journées Québec Sénégal. About a dozen of Greater Montreal companies will recruit on virtual mode in Senegal in June 2024.

Dozens of companies from Greater Montréal will be in Senegal in May 2024 to recruit qualified workers in the following fields:
  • Administration, finance and insurance 
  • Agri-food and food processing 
  • Construction 
  • Early Childhood Education and Care 
  • Education 
  • Manufacturing and machining
  • Engineering and technical trades 
  • Health and Social Services 
  • Information Technology 
  • Mining 
  • Sales and Service
Montréal International, through its Talent Montréal initiative, has assisted over 400 companies with their international recruitment over the past 10 years. And every year, hundreds of international talents choose Greater Montréal for their life and career plans. 
Important dates to remember
  • April-May 2024: application period and selection of candidates by employers.
  • June 2024: Virtual interviews 
Candidates: Apply to job offers soon More details to come.

Employers: Contact us

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