Québec, a great place to live, to learn and to teach! Quebec higher education institutions are recruiting

Are you a professor / researcher with a solid academic and professional background looking for your next career challenge? 

Do you dream of living and working in the Québec region, in Canada? 

Apply throughout the year for higher education vacancies and meet our recruiters! 

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The recruiters will carefully review and select the candidates they wish to meet for an interview and will send an invitation ONLY to those candidates who have been selected. 

Recruiters will conduct their interviews by video conference throughout the year with the confirmed candidates at the scheduled times. It will then be the employer's responsibility to coordinate the immigration procedures for the arrival in Canada of the recruited candidates. 

Job interviews will only be held in French or in English. An intermediate/advanced level at least in one of these languages is required.
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Whether you want to share your love of English or French, get young people excited about Math, or support students with learning difficulties, Greater Montréal’s primary and secondary schools  are looking for teachers like you! Come find your dream job and help shape Québec’s future.