Montréal companies are recruiting talent from around the world   
Find a job in Greater Montréal in Health, Social Services or Education Do you work in the health, social services or education fields? Are you looking for a new professional experience abroad? Find out about numerous job offers in these fields in Montréal today, as part of our Montréal Express Recruitment - Health, Social Services and Education. 

Health is the future, and Greater Montréal understands this. By choosing to work in this sector, you can become part of a cutting-edge technology network that promotes research and development. 

You can also make a difference to Montréal's youth by becoming a teacher or educator here! 

In addition to a job market that is favorable to workers, Greater Montréal offers an exceptional quality of life to talented people from around the world and their families. Montréal is above all a great human scale city, inclusive, welcoming and safe. 

APPLY before March 31 to participate in the Montréal Express recruitment - Health, Social Services and Education.
Main targeted positions Health 
  • Nurse and clinical nurse 
  • Secondary school teacher 
  • Primary and preschool teacher 
  • Special education teacher 
Educational child care services 
  • Early childhood educator
 How to participate? 
    📩 APPLY before March 31, 2023      
    • Complete your profile online (by adding your CV in French)
    • Apply to the offers corresponding to your profile
    IMPORTANT: Do not forget to upload your CV in French. This step is important if you want to increase your chances to be selected.  
      ⚡️ SELECTION    
        The recruiters will select the candidates they wish to interview and will send an invitation ONLY to those who have been selected, with the details of the interview.     
          🤝 VIRTUAL INTERVIEWS    
            The recruiters will meet with the candidates called for an interview by videoconference. The interview will be conducted in French (and/or English). An intermediate/advanced level of language is therefore required.    
              Put all the chances on your side so that your application catches the attention of Montréal recruiters!    
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