Montréal has a lot to offer: discover the advantages of living here!
Looking for an affordable house or apartment in a dynamic North American city? Whether you live alone or with your family, Montréal is home to quality housing at prices you can actually afford, steps from the best of city life.
Greater Montréal was built on diversity. The region is made up of a whole range of neighbourhoods to suit every lifestyle, taste and budget. Discover them!
Under the sun or under the stars, whether you’re dressed down in sandals or dressed up in a suit, it’s impossible to get bored in Montréal! Home to a seriously impressive array of cultural and artistic festivals and activities, the city lives and breathes culture like nowhere else in the world.
Family life at its best in Montréal

Moving to Montréal, where the quality of life is second to none and family always comes first. Family life is a huge part of Montréal culture, which you can see in the city’s kid-friendly services and activities available all year round and in every neighbourhood. 

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