How to open a bank account in Canada Are you planning to move to Montréal, or have you recently arrived? Here you'll find the information you need to better understand the Canadian banking system, recognized as one of the strongest internationally by the World Economic Forum.
What are the benefits of opening an account in Montréal before you arrive? Make your move to Montréal easier by opening a bank account online from your country of residence before you leave. With Desjardins, you can transfer funds before you arrive, which can prove very useful during the first few weeks or months in a new country!
What documents will you need? To open your bank account, all you need is your passport and an official document from the Government of Canada or the Government of Quebec, issued as part of your immigration application (e.g. letter of acceptance or work permit).
How do you proceed once you've arrived in Montréal? Once you're in Montréal, make an appointment with a financial advisor to finalize the opening of your bank account. You'll need to provide the Canadian documents you received when you landed. Desjardins has a team dedicated to newcomers, who will explain to you how the banking system works, and the importance of building credit without having to wait. Make sure you bring along your ID (passport, driver's license, Canadian social insurance number, etc.) and the documents proving your status in Canada (visa, work permit, etc.).
Once your Canadian bank account is open, you will be ready to start your new life in Montréal!
Are there special offers available for recent immigrants? Some financial institutions provide personalized offers for newcomers. This is the case at Desjardins, whose offer for new immigrants includes a bank account with unlimited free transactions during your first year to avoid banking fees, a credit card with no annual fees, recognition of your previous driving experience when you apply for a car insurance and a host of other benefits. Simplify your transition to Montréal by opening an account quickly and easily at Desjardins.
Bank charges are relatively high in Canada, especially if you don't choose the right plan and if you withdraw small amounts often from ATMs and different financial institutions. That's why it's important to take advantage of offers designed exclusively for newcomers. Open an account easily at Desjardins and enjoy a host of benefits.
Desjardins supports you in your arrival to Canada at every step, with offers and services designed exclusively for newcomers.