Finances and insurances
Accounts, deposits, transfers, credit, debit, ATMs and withdrawals … banking in a new country can be pretty confusing! But rest assured, the Canadian banking system is simpler than you think. Read on to learn all you need to know about banking in Canada so you can make the most of all your new city has to offer!
Make your move to Montréal easier by opening a bank account online from your country of residence before you leave. With Desjardins, you can transfer funds before you arrive, which can prove very useful during the first few weeks or months in a new country!
While moving to a new city is an exciting time, it can be a costly one, too! Some expenses you can plan for while others may come as a surprise. But you can make your big move run a whole lot smoother by creating a budget and setting aside a little extra in case of the unexpected so you can settle into your new home stress free!
You’re finally ready to make the move to Montréal! All that’s left is to sort out your insurance. Make sure that your home, your car and, above all, yourself and your family are properly insured to enjoy your new life.
Looking to settle in an affordable city? Montréal’s low cost of living coupled with its competitive salaries make it one of the most affordable cities in North America—with zero compromise on quality of life.
Desjardins can help you at every step of your immigration process and get you set up with products and services tailored to newcomers like you.