Moving to Montréal 
It’s official, you’re moving to Montréal! But before you order an extra large pizza to celebrate (that’s how we do it here!), there’s still a lot to organize. Here are some tips to ensure a smooth and successful move. 

Moving from abroad? Arrive with peace of mind
The best advice is to hire professionals. International movers know the customs rules and regulations so you can count on them to make sure your things arrive safely.  And how to choose the best movers for the job? It’s a good idea to get quotes from a few international moving companies like AMJ Campbell International to compare rates and offers. You should also check that the companies you’re considering can take care of preparing your customs documents. 

International moving agencies operating in Montréal
  • IntraGlobe 
  • The Moving Clan
  • AGS Worldwide Movers
  • Bagages du monde
  • Biard Déménagements
  • Europack
  • Euro Transport
  • Go Transport international

What to pack… and what to leave behind
So you’ve packed your lucky blanket, but what about the rest of your things? Make an inventory of what you want to bring and what can be left behind. You should know that 220V appliances won’t work without an adaptor in North America. But don’t worry, Montréal has a bunch of electronics stores to replace anything you’re missing! 

When it comes to moving your things, remember that costs and times will differ depending on whether you’re transporting them by plane, train or boat. 
Bringing your pet along for the ride

Can’t wait to take your furry friend on a tour of Montréal’s snowy streets? Make sure you contact your airline to check their regulations on transporting pets. 

You’ll need to have your pet’s health record and proof of vaccinations on hand to avoid quarantine when you land. You may also be asked to provide proof of age so add it to your list of paperwork, just in case. 
All about moving once you make it to Montréal  
July 1st is Canada’s national holiday … but it’s also Moving Day in Montréal! Every year, the streets are packed with moving trucks fighting for a parking spot. While most leases in Québec end on June 30, it is possible to move on a different date. 

Moving Day is busy! Make sure you reserve a moving truck or service at least a few weeks (and preferably a few months) in advance. July 1st is an official holiday in Québec, which means you can take the day off to focus on your move!
Your final checklist for a successful move 
Get a feel for the city and find the best neighbourhood for you with this interactive map of Greater Montréal.

Don’t forget to purchase home insurance to protect your new property and belongings.  

If electricity isn’t included in your rent or mortgage agreement, contact Hydro-Québec (or Énergir if your home runs on natural gas) before you move to find out how much you’ll be paying for power every month.
Call your new Internet provider and book a technician ahead of time so you don’t have to wait for WiFi. Local carriers include Videotron, Bell, Distributel, Ebox, VMedia, Virgin Mobile, Altima, Fizz and Oricom.

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