The perfect place to raise a family
When your bundle of joy arrives, you want to soak up every precious moment. The city offers generous parental leave to new moms and dads, who can even choose to divide the time off between them.
Having kids is a full-time job! To make your home life easier, many employers in Montréal offer benefits like flexible hours or working remotely, giving you the freedom to enjoy your little ones while they’re still little.
They say it takes a village to raise a child. That, and a daycare you can count on! In Montréal, you can take your pick of professional nurseries (or garderies in French) at a reasonable cost. And when your little ones get bigger, you can send them to public school free of charge right up to the end of high school.
In Montréal, you and your family can enjoy free healthcare after just 3 months of living here, including walk-in clinics in every neighbourhood and several world-class paediatric hospitals.
Choosing to settle in Montréal is one of the best moves you could ever make. The only problem is trying to pick a neighbourhood when you’ve got so many possibilities!
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