Montréal, home of reasonable housing  
Looking for an affordable house or apartment in a dynamic North American city? Whether youlive alone or with your family, Montréal is home to quality housing at prices you can actually afford, steps from the best of city life.
Lodge for less, have more for fun 
Soaring real estate prices have made it near impossible to live comfortably in most major cities. Luckily, Montréal has you covered! One of the most affordable regions in the world, Greater Montréal is packed with quality living spaces at affordable prices, even in the most popular neighbourhoods. And with all that money you’ll be saving on rent or mortgage payments, you’ll be free to soak up all the city has to offer—from its diverse culture and world-class eateries to its four-season festivals and activities. 
Live by yourself without going broke
It’s great to hang out with friends, but there’s nothing like coming home to your own place to binge-watch your favourite show ... without having to share the remote! Montréal is one of the few cities in the world where you can live alone without busting your budget. According to Numbeo, you should plan to spend around $1,500 in monthly rent for a 1-bedroom apartment in a central neighbourhood.

Split living costs by bunking with roommates
Quebecers are famously sociable, so it’s no surprise that sharing a place with roommates is a big thing in Montréal. For people moving to the city from overseas, living with 2, 3 or even 4 people is not only a great way to save money but also to make new friends. 

The smartest place to buy in Canada 
Montréal is the undisputed champion of Canadian cities when it comes to investing in real estate, with single-family homes selling for two to three times less than Vancouver or Toronto. Lower house prices means lower down payments, so you can get a jump on the property ladder sooner. And thanks to its stable and healthy economy, Montréal is a solid and profitable investment—short and long term.
A home for every lifestyle and budget 
Always dreamed of living in an industrial loft with brick walls and high ceilings in the city’s hottest neighbourhood? Or is a cute house by the river more your style? Whether you’re looking for a quiet nest for your family or a cool pad close to the action, you can take your pick of places to rent or buy in Montréal.
The lowest electricity bills 
in North America

It’s no secret that Montréal gets cold in winter! Luckily, locals can count on well-insulated homes heated by hydroelectricity, an energy source that’s both renewable and affordable. So when the temperature drops to 20° Celsius below, there’s no need to worry about turning down the heat. Hydro Québec offers the cheapest electricity in North America, keeping you cozy in winter and cool all summer. 
The most reputable cooperative financial group in Québec