Where nature and sports go hand in hand
Montréal is a big city with a small-town feel. With its wide sidewalks and dozens of pedestrian-only streets, the city is made for walking and jogging. The 3,450 km of bicycle paths in the Greater Montréal area make it easy and safe to get around on two wheels. Don’t have your own bicycle? No problem! You can pick up a BIXI bike or JUMP electric bike at locations all across the city.
Want to get from A to B without the carbon footprint? The city boasts a great public transit network that makes it quick and easy to get around sustainably. The taxi fares are affordable, and thanks to car-sharing programs like Communauto and Turo, you never need to own a car. Get to know Montréal’s transportation networks better with this interactive map.
Montréal is home to countless sports centres and gyms offering a host of group classes where you can meet like-minded people who love to stay in shape with activities like tennis, Zumba, yoga, paddleboarding and even quidditch! The city’s infrastructure and sports facilities are world-class. And with mountains, lakes, rivers and parks at every turn, you can take your pick of sports to play, just steps away from home.
Montréal is packed with outdoor activities for every season. An impressive 26% of the city is made up of green spaces, so you’re never far from nature. And some of the prettiest national parks in the province are just a short drive away. Love to be on the water? You can go kayaking on the St. Lawrence River, or take your pick of rivers and lakes just outside the city.
Taking care of the planet is ingrained in Montréal culture. The streets are lined with community gardens, and there are a bunch of local initiatives dedicated to making the city’s outdoor spaces more beautiful, from its public squares to its green laneways. Montréal’s composting program and bulk and natural food stores are helping locals to reduce waste. Fun fact? More than 99 percent of Montreal’s electricity comes from a renewable energy source.
The Montreal Canadiens (hockey), the Alouettes (Canadian football) and the Club de Foot Montréal (soccer) are the pride of every Quebecer. Montréal also plays host to high-profile sports events including the Formula 1 Grand Prix, the Grand Prix Cycliste, the Montreal Marathon and The National Bank Open Tennis Cup, bringing top athletes from around the globe to the city every year.
Greater Montréal was built on diversity. Spanning 4,374.1  km², the region is made up of a whole range of neighbourhoods to suit every lifestyle, taste and budget.
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