Quality of life and low cost of living
Imagine living just a short walk from work, close to local shops, cafés, parks and the best of city life. Now imagine all this at a price you can actually afford! Living in Montréal costs significantly less than in other major cities in North America. That means families in Montréal can live in bigger and better homes for the same price.
Montréal runs on hydroelectricity, a clean and renewable energy source that powers more than 99 percent of the city’s electricity, all thanks to one of the most advanced and affordable production and distribution networks in the world. It’s easy to go green when you live in Montréal!
Family values are at the heart of Montréal culture. Expecting a baby? You and your partner can enjoy a full year of paid parental leave, which the mother and father can choose to share. And to make the return to work more manageable, the city is home to thousands of reliable and affordable daycares. Employers share the same commitment to work-family balance and offer favourable conditions.
Montréal’s public education system is free until the end of high school, and the cost of higher education is considerably lower than in the rest of North America. Special agreements with several countries including France and Belgium, allow foreign students to study in the city for the same cost as Canadian students who aren’t Québec residents.
Healthcare in Montréal is almost completely free, and the standard of care is second to none. Once you’ve lived in the city for three months, public insurance kicks in to cover all essential medical care. And in the meantime, you’re eligible for private medical insurance. A lot of employers offer private group plans that cover the costs of dental work, physiotherapy and more. Keep in mind that public health insurance is mandatory if you’re not part of a private health plan.
Thanks to competitive salaries and a low cost of living, Montrealers have a lot more money left in their pockets at the end of each month. Locals’ strong purchasing power means they can live a more comfortable life with better long-term prospects, giving them the freedom to enjoy all that Montréal has to offer.
Looking for an affordable house or apartment in a dynamic North American city? Whether you live alone or with your family, Montréal is home to quality housing at prices you can actually afford, steps from the best of city life.
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