Tips for families
Here in Montréal, healthcare is a top priority. The city is home to a host of clinics, hospitals and university health centres offering a diverse range of quality care to patients. Access to services is unparalleled and thanks to a public and universal health insurance system, residents can benefit from excellent health coverage.
If you're recently arrived in Québec with your little ones, you're no doubt wondering which school to send them to. While they’re thinking about their new favourite teacher or what team they’re going to play on, keep reading to learn about Québec’s education system and to help you make an informed decision.
Leaving your little ones with someone else, no matter how trustworthy or experienced they are, can be a scary step. In Québec, you can choose from a wide variety of daycare centres to take care of your little ones, giving you peace of mind while you go about your day.
How to obtain permits and visas for you and your family members? When can we apply for permanent residence? Find answers to all your questions!
Looking for an affordable house or apartment in a dynamic North American city? Whether you live alone or with your family, Montréal is home to quality housing at prices you can actually afford, steps from the best of city life.
The most reputable cooperative financial group in Québec