Outremont, a residential heaven

While it may be small (spanning a modest 4 km²), Outremont is one of the most coveted neighbourhoods in Montréal. Unapologetically high-end and mostly residential, this central borough is located on the northwestern slope of Mount Royal, with a third of the area made up of an urban forest.  
A true neighbourhood feel 
This avenue climbs towards the mountain (Mount Royal) and is lined with upscale shops and restaurants, all within easy walking distance.
It's the place to go if you’re looking for a fancy dress or upscale meal. Crossing Montréal from east to west, it’s the busiest of Outremont’s main avenues. 
Central to the district, this avenue is dotted with cute cafés and restaurants with inviting patios. Here you can find some of the city’s best bakeries and boutiques as well as Outremont Theatre, a Montréal institution hosting films and plays for audiences of all ages. 
Nestled in nature
Instantly recognizable thanks to its iconic white bridge, this park is the perfect place to relax. Its stunning lake transforms into an ice rink in winter, where visitors flock to show off their skating skills. 
The park boasts a children’s play area and charming stone footpaths, perfect for strolling along the water.  This green space has a great children’s play area complete with a splash pad, perfect for cooling off in summer. It’s also home to a sledding hill in winter and a soccer field in the warmer months, which comes to life on weekends as local leagues come out to compete.
A family-friendly neighbourhood
Outremont’s luxurious homes cost a lot more than the Greater Montréal average thanks to their grandiose size and impressive architecture. It’s no surprise that so many families (66 percent of households, to be exact!) choose to settle here. The area’s proximity to the Université de Montréal also attracts a dynamic and diverse student community, which is made up of mostly renters. Renting an apartment in Outremont is still affordable, costing around $1,270 per month. 
Get from A to B in no time Getting around in Outremont is easy, whether by foot, bike or public transport. New bike paths are being developed right now to promote cycling in the neighbourhood. Residents can reach the east or west of the city easily thanks to the blue subway line. And the future REM (Réseau express métropolitain) network will make getting around even easier, with a station being built at the Université de Montréal located right on the cusp of the neighbourhood. 
Choosing to settle in Montréal is one of the best moves you could ever make. The only problem is trying to pick a neighbourhood when you’ve got so many possibilities!
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