A stunning suburb nestled beside the mountain 

Ideally located just steps from downtown on the southwest side of Mount Royal, Westmount boasts four square kilometres of pure beauty. 
A favourite neighbourhood for families  Young and old live side by side in Westmount, and the vast majority of households in the municipality have children. Mostly anglophone, the area is popular among families thanks to its safe, friendly and close-knit community. 
Beautiful Victorian homes 
Westmount is home to some of the finest Victorian and neo-Tudor homes in the city—and in the rest of Canada! Understandably, house prices in the area are much higher than the Greater Montréal average, but you can still find equally magnificent apartments to rent for around $1,500 CAD a month. 
Leave the car at home 
With everything they need right on their doorstep, residents can enjoy the luxury of not depending on their cars.
The beauty of a green environment
Highly residential, Westmount has developed around Sherbrooke Street and Greene Street, an area famous for its pretty boutiques and fine-dining eateries. 

Thanks to its proximity to the mountain (Mount Royal), 40 percent of Westmount is made up of stunning green spaces.
Choosing to settle in Montréal is one of the best moves you could ever make. The only problem is trying to pick a neighbourhood when you’ve got so many possibilities!
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