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Recruit skilled workers in Sénégal!
Montréal International invites companies from Greater Montréal to participate in the Journées Québec Sénégal, which will take place in person!  

This mission is aimed at companies in Greater Montréal that are looking for experienced workers in the following industries:
  • Administration, finance and insurance 
  • Agri-food and food processing 
  • Construction 
  • Early Childhood Education and Care 
  • Education 
  • Engineering and technical trades 
  • Health and Social Services 
  • Information Technology 
  • Mining 
  • Sales and Service

Important dates to remember
  • April-May 2024: application period and selection of candidates by employers.
  • June 8-9th, 2024: Face-to-face interviews (Dakar)
Recruit qualified candidates during the Journées Québec Sénégal
Sénégal has a large labor pool with a significant French-speaking population (26% of the total population). 

With more than 5,000 Senegalese candidates already on our portal, don't miss this opportunity to recruit qualified candidates as part of the Journées Québec Sénégal.

Did you know? More than 8,000 people in Québec are of Senegalese origin.
Recruiting with Montréal International: Why?
    A turnkey service
    • Posting of your job offers on our platform.
    • Promotional campaign and targeted identification of candidates
    • Logistical organization prior to the mission and on-site services by Montréal International's Business Services, International Talent team
    • Assistance in obtaining work permits (under certain conditions) by the International Mobility Department of Montréal International
    • Access to other optional services at a fee to facilitate the reception and integration of your hired workers
      The Journées Québec missions are international recruitment activities organized in collaboration with the Government of Québec. 
        Take the leap into the world of international recruitment.
        Did you know? Companies participating in a face-to-face international recruitment mission can apply for a grant from Services Québec.
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