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Recruit qualified, French-speaking workers
Montréal International invites companies from Greater Montréal to participate in the Journées Québec Afrique subsaharienne. This virtual mission will focus on the following areas:
  • Administration, finance and insurance 
  • Agri-food and food processing 
  • Construction 
  • Early Childhood Education and Care 
  • Education 
  • Manufacturing and machining
  • Engineering and technical trades 
  • Health and Social Services 
  • Information Technology 
  • Mining 
  • Sales and Service

Why turn to workers in Senegal, Cameroon and Ivory Cost?
An exceptional labor pool: 
  • Local expertise acquired from multinationals in the industrial, service and technology sectors 
  • A wide range of universities and training schools
Easy integration into Quebec: 
  • + 60% of the population of these countries is French-speaking (OMF) 
  • + 8,000 people in Quebec are of Senegalese origin
  • + 5,700 Cameroonian workers admitted to Quebec between 2016 and 2021
Important dates to remember
  • April-May 2024: application period and selection of candidates by employers.
  • June 10-14th, 2024: Virtual interviews
Recruiting with Montréal International: Why?
With our team, it's easy to find. We work closely with the local network of the Quebec Delegation and its Immigration Services Department.

Our package includes :
  • Access to the recruitment portal
  • A kick-off meeting, including training on how the portal works and on immigration procedures
  • Posting and promotion of your job offers
Government grants for recruitment Companies participating in international recruitment mission can apply for a grant from Services Québec.
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Director - International Talent Attraction

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