Moving to Canada with Desjardins Whether you’re coming to Canada to live, work or study, Desjardins is here to help you adapt to your new home. As the largest financial cooperative in Canada, you can count on our services and advice.
Products and services made for your needs
With 7.5 million members and clients, Desjardins is an internationally renowned financial services cooperative. Not only is it the Canadian financial institution with the biggest presence in Quebec, but it’s also well established in Ontario, with nearly 1,700 ATMs and 900 service outlets between the 2 provinces.
With Desjardins, you get access to a network of multilingual advisors who have helped many newcomers get set up in Canada. They can help you throughout your immigration process, both before and after you arrive.
Having the right products and services will make your transition to Canada easier. With Desjardins's welcome offer for newcomers to Canada, you'll get a free everyday account with unlimited transactions for 2 years, a credit card (no annual fee on some), free legal assistance for 2 years and much more.
Have your money waiting for you when you get to Canada! Open an account with a local Canadian financial insitution before you move. With Desjardins, you can open an account online from your home country and transfer money to your account before you leave, so you can access it quickly as soon as you arrive.
Enjoy peace of mind while you’re waiting to receive your Québec health insurance card. Desjardins’ Visitors to Canada Insurance covers health care and emergency services in the event of an accident or illness during your first few months in the province.
No matter what kind of dwelling you live in, home insurance is essential to keep you and your things protected. From home, life and health insurance to car and travel insurance, you can find all the coverage you need at Desjardins.
There are many advantages of opening an account online from your home county. Most importantly, you can transfer money so it's available to you as soon as you get to Canada!
The most reputable cooperative financial group in Québec