Montréal's thriving economy is ready to welcome you
The employment market in Québec is growing so quickly, there’ll be close to 1.4 million jobs to fill between now and 2026. As the province’s most prosperous city, Montréal saw the strongest economic growth in Canada in 2018. With skilled workers needed in almost every industry, it’s time to brush up your résumé!
The Montréal job market has been booming for several years now, and companies across every industry are recruiting new talent—from I.T., artificial intelligence and video games to aerospace, engineering and healthcare. Whatever your field, you can take your pick of opportunities here.
In Montréal, seasoned pros and startups play together in the tech world, from Ubisoft and Moment Factory to Framestore and Busbud. Here, the big firms are happy to support startups and small studios to advance the growth of the local tech industry.
With its favourable immigration policies, solidly bilingual population (55 percent) and openness to foreign workers, diversity is deeply ingrained in Montréal’s DNA. A true metropolis, the city welcomes everyone with open arms.
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