Montréal, a global AI hub

Montréal’s artificial intelligence industry is constantly evolving thanks to a world-class university network and outstanding research community. Every year, the city attracts top talent, industry leaders and major investments in AI from around the globe. The result is a fast-growing industry with a promising future and a world of innovative career opportunities. Canada’s AI industry is highly concentrated in Montréal, making the city an undisputed leader in this field. 
Researchers focused on the future
In Montréal, a powerful scientific network is advancing the field of artificial intelligence every day. Here, more than 300 researchers and Ph.D. students (the largest concentration of researchers in the world) are working together to innovate in AI-related fields.
Mila is a world-class academic community specialized in the field of deep learning. Mila's office is in the Mile-Ex neighborhood.
Montréal was also selected to be the home base of SCALE AI, a Canadian AI super-hub where companies, institutions and researchers are pooling their efforts to accelerate the development of concrete AI applications.
Meet Raymond, a doctoral student at McGill University and graduate supervisor at Mila
Internationally renowned experts 
Montréal has secured its reputation as a global AI leader. Thanks to the work of prominent researchers like Yoshua Bengio, the city has become a benchmark for deep learning. Global AI powerhouses like Facebook Research, Google, IVADO, DeepMind, IBM, Microsoft, Element AI and Borealis AI have all chosen to set up shop in Montréal, attracted by the city’s expertise. And top talent from around the globe are flocking here to join the movement. 
Investing in excellence
Since 2016, Montréal’s AI industry has received more than $2 billion in investments to support large-scale projects. IVADO (the Institute for Data Valorization) and the Canada First Research Excellence Fund are just two of the organizations actively supporting the development of this booming sector. 
A diverse network of talent
Today, artificial intelligence covers a diverse range of sectors and expertise is in high demand.
Just some of the jobs in high demand
As of 2018, 15,000 professionals are working in Montréal’s AI field—a fast growing community with a very promising future.
 Highly valued skills
  • Deep Learning
  • Tableau
  • Machine Learning
  • JIRA
  • Hadoop
Companies recruiting
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