Calling all nurses: your work will make a difference in Montréal

If you’re a registered nurse or nurse clinician looking to join a team of skilled and dedicated professionals, there are many healthcare institutions in need of your expertise. The Greater Montréal healthcare sector is ready to welcome you with open arms. Join the healthcare professional community of Québec and help make a difference.
Your skills are in high demand The nursing sector needs your skills to help improve the efficiency of healthcare facilities and provide quality care to patients. As a nurse, you have many workplace options to choose from—hospitals, nursing homes, long-term care facilities, rehab centres, doctors’ offices, clinics, businesses, community health centres and more. Come to Montréal to advance your career and make an invaluable contribution.
Meet Alexia, an accomplished nurse living on Montréal’s South Shore
The human values at the heart of healthcare Commitment and compassion are central to a health professional’s role. Your interpersonal skills and ability to communicate with caregivers and families are highly valued in Greater Montréal.
An essential role in the healthcare field
The role of nurses is gaining momentum every day when it comes to patient management. In Greater Montréal, you can practice your profession working in close collaboration with doctors and other healthcare workers.
Practice your profession in Québec
Since the nursing profession is regulated in Québec, be sure to check the competency requirements for registered nurses.
Open, dynamic and welcoming, Greater Montréal has a lot to offer. From world-class cuisine to a vibrant cultural scene, Montréal is a city with endless possibilities.
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