A world of opportunities for teachers

Whether you want to share your love of English or French, get young people excited about Math, or support students with learning difficulties, Greater Montréal’s primary and secondary schools  are looking for teachers like you! Come find your dream job and help shape Québec’s future.
Teaching, an invaluable profession
Dedicated to sharing knowledge and shaping minds, teachers are an essential part of every community. They’ve mastered the art of lecturing, present like pros, engage students in important classroom debates and teach valuable science lessons in the lab. Whether you’re a teacher or remedial education specialist, you’re sure to find your place in Québec’s primary and secondary education system.
All schools need your skills
With a growing population and an influx of immigrants in recent years, Montréal needs teachers at the preschool, primary and secondary level, now more than ever. New investments have been announced for the construction, renovation and expansion of several schools, and both the public and private education sectors are in need of competent and experienced professionals.
Pursue your calling in Québec
Since the teaching profession is regulated in Québec, you may be subject to a skills assessment at the request of your future employer. Be sure to check the competency requirements for preschool and elementary or secondary education.
Known for its diverse, creative and open culture, Greater Montréal is one of the safest and most affordable cities in North America. With inspiration on every corner, it’s no wonder locals love living here.
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