Help shape the future as a welder in Montréal

If you’re a welder fitter or spot welder, Greater Montréal has the career for you! The city is home to a host of jobs looking for valued skills like yours.
The manufacturing sector needs your skills
Are you skilled at using flame cutting equipment, straightening and bending metals and repairing worn parts? If you can understand welding plans and instructions, Greater Montréal needs your skills! Join a fast-growing sector helping to build the boats and planes of tomorrow.
Manufacturing, a solid and sustainable sector
Manufacturing and machining are a key part of Québec’s economy. With major players like ABB, Siemens and Bombardier firmly established here, this core sector is always on the lookout for skilled labour. Take your pick of companies to fast-track your career.
Practicing your profession in Québec
Since the welding and machining trades are regulated in Québec, make sure your skills are recognized before applying for jobs.
With a jam-packed calendar of cultural and sports activities all year round, there’s no shortage of things to see and do in Greater Montréal. Here you’ll find parks, ice rinks, libraries, shops, cafés and restaurants at every turn, with lively neighbourhoods ready to welcome you with open arms. Explore by foot, bike, bus or subway and fall for the unique charm of Montréal.
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